Ute Tipper Features & Benefits


Check out the vast array of considered sytem design features.

The product offer & various design features puts us in a unique position to deliver significant operational & safety benefits:

  • The automatic locking system mechanically locks the frame in the down position reducing rattling and excessive wear in the hinges and other contact areas while travelling on rough surfaces. It also reduces the risk of the tray tipping up while loading items such as motor cycles or ride on mowers or in the event of an accident.
  • The hose burst protection valve automatically engages in the event of a hydraulic hose burst to prevent the tray lowering uncontrolled. The valve is equipped with a bypass function in the event of a burst hose that allows the tray to lower at a dramatically reduced speed.
  • The pressure compensated flow control ensures the lowering speed is consistent, irrespective of load.
  • The DC Motor is protected from burning out due to excessive use. Once the motor cools down it will reset and be able to be used again.
  • The Hydraulic Power Unit has an adjustable relief valve that limits the maximum tipping load. This should be considered against the legal load limits of the vehicle, however it ensures that the load never exceeds the capability of the frame.
  • To ensure that the tray comes down in a controlled fashion, the double acting cylinder is driven down at a low pressure. This also ensures that the locking mechanism is fully engaged when the tray is down.
  • The double acting 3 metre pendant control has a plug, that allows it to be removed and stored securely
  • An electrical isolation switch with a removable key is located near the Hydraulic Power Unit to ensure that the tipping function cannot be operated accidently or inappropriately
  • The master fuse reduces fire risk caused by electrical wire chafing or in the event of a vehicle collision. It also limits excessive load tipping.
  • Two Locking Pins can be placed in the frame when the tray is elevated to ensure you are able to safely work under the tray

Premium Kit Components

Assembled hinged sub-frame with cylinder fitted
Auto tray lock, hose burst valve, safety pins & battery isolator
Hydraulic Power Unit, Hose and Fittings
Universal cross members and mount brackets
Mounting spacers, rubbers, nuts, bolts and washers
Power cable, lugs, terminals, main fuse and cable ties
2 button pre-wired hand piece with 3m cord and MORE!

Optional Extras

A transceiver can be plugged into the Hydraulic Power Unit to enable wireless operation of a remote control. This enables you to operate the tipping function from a safe distance and in the best viewing position(s).
VicRoads VASS Certification is available by a certified Engineer at an extra cost
We have a range of stockist Distributors nationally, enabling fast access to the tipping kits as well as installation in their workshop with a one day turnaround